Wish list

A wish:

To our highly connected athletic friends, would you ask your favorite champion to send something to Soren, or visit if they’re in the area? He just got a picture from Tom Izzo, a RedSox baseball autographed by Jacoby Ellsbury, a picture from Bruin Brad Marchand, and lots, lots more!

Soren is also a fanatical quarter collector thanks to Bubba (Eric). He needs the following states/territories to complete his collection:
1) Vermont, 2) Arkansas, 3) Iowa, 4) California, 5) Kansas, 6) New Mexico, 7) Hawaii 8) DC 9) Guam 10) American Samoa.
thanks from Soren! His collection is complete and he put it together proudly!


Recommendations for educational Apps for the iPad, etc, would be helpful.

Gas cards. We can’t believe how much support you’ve all given us. Thank you!

iTunes card (got $ for the App store, yeah!)

coffee cards thanks for supporting V’s habit

headphones for Soren

meal cards for eateries at/near Childrens (Au Bon Pain, Boloco)  Thank you!!!

Trader Joe’s and Panera cards for family eating/supplies en route. Thank you!!!

A bunch of mini hand-sanitizers for all vehicles/bags/etc.


healthy food that travels well for parents and kids

your favorite family food, surprise us!

Fresh fruit, anything seasonal

salads with steak/chicken/fish

pastas (lasagna, mac-cheese, ziti, spaghetti).

snacks: nutrigrain bars (blueberry/apple), Clif Z bars, string cheese we are stocked up!! thank you.


house cleaning

corgi play the list of volunteers is long! we are grateful. so far, so good.

Harlan play at the pool we’ll be in touch soon when pickup is a problem

errands for stuff near Boston Children’s. This is a tough one because when Soren is admitted we parents are limited.


23 thoughts on “Wish list

      1. Ayrn, sorry if you didn’t get my voicemail. The fruit was WONDERFUL and a great idea. Devoured by Soren and family alike. Soren just learned to swallow pills (we are so proud!!) from the child life specialist, who uses candy of various sizes. He’s worked his way up to ~M&M size, not quite jelly beans yet.


  1. Emily Kluun says:

    I want to play with Harlan at the pool!! Let me know some afternoons/evenings that would work best for you guys. Sending all my love!


  2. Jess says:

    Let me know if it is okay to stop by on Sunday afternoon for a few minutes to drop off some items for you guys. I have read the wish list… Let me know if there is something that you need over other items and I can get it for you. I can also do a target run if you need anything else. Email or text me and let me know. Thinking about your guys 🙂


    1. Hi Jess, Sunday could be tough for seeing Soren but I hope to be able to meet you for a few minutes. Erika might actually hit you up to stay with you Sun night, depending on treatment side-effects. Target/grocery runs could be very helpful. Text us when the time comes.


  3. Laurie Palmer says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I would be more than happy to help out with your Corgi’s. Just let me know.



  4. Shelley Girdner says:

    Hi, Vaughan– I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow (Sat. 8/3) and will pick up Clif bars aplenty. I’ll also pick up apples + melon and drop it off at your house. I’ll check in on the other site, too.

    On other notes, we’re around all weekend and love dogs and can also hang out with Harlan. Give a call if this fits the bill: 603-749-1961


  5. Carrie Barron says:

    I am so incredibly sorry to hear this news; my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I would love to help in any way needed- I am a huge animal lover so I can help with the corgi’s anytime- please don’t hesitate to let me know- day or night!


  6. Laurie Palmer says:

    Hi Vaughn and Family,
    My family and I would be more than happy to take your Corgi’s into our home and be part of our family if this would make it easier and we would love to have them here. We have 2 aussies, Sidney who is almost 10 years old, Dagen 6 months and Annie our Corgi who is 3 years old. We have plenty of room in our home and hearts for them. Of course you know what would be best for them. Just throwing it out there as a very do-able option and hoping to reduce your juggling act. Thoughts and prayers again to all of you! Laurie Palmer-COLSA BSC


  7. Estelle Hrabak says:

    Vaughn & Erika, Do you need any help with yardwork? I like gardening (even weeding) and would be happy to mow sometimes as well.


  8. Jessica says:

    Re: portable healthy food…what is your set-up at the Boston end: do you need stuff you can eat while driving, or out of a cooler, or in a hotel room with microwave, or from a backpack, or what?


  9. Amanda DeBlauw says:

    Could you email me an address to send a donation to? I’m so sorry to hear that your family is going through this. Praying for you.


  10. Kim Snow says:

    I have some quarters for Soren! I have New Mexico, DC and Vermont. I’ll get them to you and keep looking for the others.

    : )


  11. Patrice Fogg says:

    I know an amazing woman who works at the Boston Bruins. She pulled together a huge care package of Bruins stuff – including a rally towel and signed pic of Marchand. I am getting it tomorrow night and will give it to Jen Goldberg or leave at GP.
    I’m also waiting on an action figure from a friend in the WWE. But he is traveling so could take longer.


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