About Soren

You probably all know Soren as one of the healthiest, most athletic 6-yr old boys you’ve known. A few weeks ago we noticed his voice had been funny and local doctors believed the cause to be a swollen tonsil that needed to be removed. However on 7/23 Soren complained of severe stomach pain and very early on 7/24 Erika and Soren arrived in the ER of Boston Children’s. I (Vaughn) was out of town, so Erika handled this herself heroically. Following 72 hours of constant scans and biopsies in the ER/pediatric ICU, a great team determined that Soren has lymphoma. He has a particularly aggressive (and often treatable) form known as Burkitt’s, which has spread to his liver, kidneys, intestines, and obviously, throat.

Soren began chemo on Friday 7/26 and is doing well so far. His throat tumor has shrunk remarkably, well beyond the biopsy. The first week is a light course, but the first of multiple heavy courses (and all of the side effects) will begin on Friday 8/2. Visitors will be welcome after this point but may be curtailed because of illness or risk of infection. Soren tires a bit more easily now and is constantly connected to an IV but other than that is the same old Soren.

The current treatment course if everything goes as planned – we hear that it never does — is 4-6 months. This is going to be a long road and I am sure that we will need to utilize every ounce of support and offer of help along the way. We are grateful that Eric, Erika’s dad (“Bubba”) was here at the time of crisis and intends to stick around as long as possible. We have many folks willing to care for our corgis, Linus and Huxley. And food at home will be helpful, but especially for the parent staying in Boston (we are swapping), so healthy (greens and fruit) and portable meals would be amazing. I understand that gas cards and things that enable travel and hospital room living are already in our friends’ minds, and we are so grateful.

Soren’s doctors have already remarked that he is exceptionally tough (“the most stoic child I’ve met in 30y”), polite, and in good spirits. We are so proud of him. He is still a goofball and he’s sad he is missing baseball and soccer camps and daily swims. His competitive streak has turned to the Wii, which we previously withheld.


22 thoughts on “About Soren

  1. Lynn Swindall says:

    Hang in there Soren! You are a strong little dude and come from amazing parents! Thoughts, prayers and hugs from Wisconsin. xoxo


  2. Cheryl Burnside says:

    Thanks for making this blog, I will be watching to see how things are going. Call if you guys need anything and when this is done you are all welcome to come to Chesapeake Beach for a vacation.


  3. Morgan Wallingford says:

    Thoughts and prayers go out to Soren and the rest of the Cooper family. I will be thinking of Soren everyday until he gets better. Stay strong Cooper family. Love you all.


  4. Nancy Wallingford(COLSA BSC) says:

    Thoughts and Prayers are with Soren and all of the family during this very hard time. Stay strong and keep fighting.


  5. Sundra Nation (COLSA BSC) says:

    We think of you everyday and pray every night that you all stay strong and Soren continues his brave fight. You have the support and Love of so very many people.


  6. Molly L says:

    Coopers, you are heavy on the hearts of the Camp Wildcat staff. Thanks for creating this blog so we can follow along with your journey.


  7. Bevlauer says:

    Soren you don’t me but I know friends of your family from biking and swimming . I am praying for you all the time , so you can get back to doing the things you like to do . I even have some friends praying in Africa ! Get better soon .


  8. Joel Hawes says:

    Hi Soren. My family and I really enjoyed seeing you on Monday. Those were great stuffed animals you had with you! I know you will stay strong and keep that beautiful smile shining. You are the best–as are your family and friends!


  9. Bud black says:

    Hi Soren. This is Buddy Black. I am the manager of the San Diego Padres way out here in California. A little birdie told me you are sick. My daughters best friend had burkits lymphoma was he was 5 years old and he his now 25 years old!! So I know what you are going through. I was wondering if you had a favorite padre that I could tell about you. One of my best friends is the manager of the Red Sox, Johnny Farrell. I told him about you too. Do you have a favorite Red Sox that I could tell about you. Maybe he could come visit you when you are not too sick. Let me know how you are doing. I want you to feel better real soon so you can take a trip out to San Diego and watch the padres!!!


    1. Wow!! What an incredible post. Soren’s a big fan of Jacoby Ellsbury and Dustin Pedroia on the Sox, and though he doesn’t know the Padres, he does know about San Diego because Dad used to live there. If we had to guess, Soren would like Will Venable quite well, as another great center fielder and a Princeton alum as well. We’ll be in touch more by email. Soren says he’s happy that the Little League World Series is on TV now; he’s had fun watching.


  10. Flora says:

    Hi Vaughn. I just love the updates. You and your family and in my thoughts! It’s so pleasing to see all the support out there for Soren! He’s a brave and lucky little guy! Keep Strong Coopers!


  11. jen miklavcic says:

    Been thinking of you and will be riding a cancer ride on sept 21 I will add soren to the bike full of ribbons for those fighting cancer. Love and hugs to the whole family


  12. Dianne Gersbeck says:

    We know about you and your family, Soren, because our daughter Emily works for your mom as a lifeguard at UNH. Please know we are praying for all of you and will do whatever we can from here in NY to help make this easier for you and all the people who love you.


  13. Kris Perry Long says:

    Hello Cooper family,
    We dont know each other but Erika your folks and my folks are very close in FL.
    I just want you guys to know that I live very close to Boston, and can be there in a flash if you need ANYTHING, i mean it…Your folks have been so amazing to my parents, and Im so grateful they have someone there to help them when needed. Im a phone call away, and I mean anything, if you want to bring the dogs, they can stay here, and Ill bring them for Soren to see..what ever it is, no favor is to big! Hang in there , prayers are being sent from Foxboro!!


  14. Betul Kacar says:

    We just got to know about this, Vaughn, and glad to see that Soren is already doing better! Please let us know if we can help out in any way. Much love and hugs to Soren and the Coopers.


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