Soren’s team has analyzed his recent scan, and though it wasn’t perfect, have judged his lymphoma to be in clinical remission. No more chemotherapy, no biopsy, just frequent monitoring. This is great news (of course!).

We all wish his scan was clear and unambiguous, but we’ve learned that lymphoma winds up this way sometimes, and much more often than not, the spots aren’t cancer. Encouragingly, they were smaller this month than last, and we all hope that in time these scars will heal, now that super Soren can fly from the kryptonite prescribed at Dana-Farber.

We’ve longed for this finish line. After a tough fight and great anticipation, it appears like we’ve reached one, but we don’t recognize the neighborhood. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more, and watch closely.

As always, thank you all so much. Trick-or-treating awaits!


18 thoughts on “remission

  1. Sarah Downey says:

    YAY!! This is great.!!! So glad things turned out like this. I’m sure you guys are breathing big sigh of relief. What a great Halloween gift. Now, go enjoy all that candy, Soren!


    1. Hi Sarah (and all),

      I wish we could say we were breathing that big sigh of relief, but we aren’t. We sort of knew we would approach this vague conclusion after the last scan. For Soren, we are thrilled that he can experience some normalcy. But we parents still yearn deeply for greater permanence and resolution.



  2. Rebecca Kell says:

    Yay!!!! We are thrilled for all of you over this great, great news!! Enjoy your trick or treating!!! Rebecca & Kevin (and the other Kells as well)


  3. Patrice Fogg says:

    The Fogg Family is so happy to hear this news. While we can certainly understand your still holding your breath a bit, its so awesome that Soren can exhale, relax and get back to his life filled with friends, sports, school, laughter and family. We will still continue to keep our little hero in our prayers!
    I can say with certainty that Tommy will forever know which friend to pick on his team in any tug of war game…that Soren is the strongest kid we know!


  4. Kevin Culligan says:

    Very glad to hear that the chemo is done for now, and hopefully forever. Soren is definitely a trooper. Hope you guys have a great Halloween!


  5. Jenny says:

    WOOP, WOOP!!! I saw Soren running around at Berwick yesterday and he was such a little inspiration. It doesn’t matter what life brings you, just keep playing hard and having fun!!


  6. Rich & Madeleine says:

    That’s great news! GREAT news!! We’re so happy for all of you!!!!

    Good job Soren, family, support team, and health team!!!!

    Now you can all celebrate the return of normal routines … along with the many holidays ahead, starting with Halloween tomorrow!


  7. Mike says:

    We are SO happy to hear this news! Soren’s energy and competitive spirit are so impressive and have served him well. Enjoy the treats tonight!


  8. Anita says:

    This is really encouraging news! You should all get back to more of a routine for a family with energetic 3 &6 year olds, two dogs, and very active and busy parents!


  9. Rick says:

    I am so glad Soren can return to living his life, instead of enduring more chemo treatments!
    Happy Halloween, may many tasty treats await you all!


  10. Cheryl says:

    I was thrilled to see the message line for the posting! And know you can’t totally embrace the relief yet, but you too will return to normalcy. I am so glad there won’t be a biopsy to recover from! Such great news!


  11. Dianne Gersbeck says:

    We are so happy for your entire family and everyone who knows Soren. We will continue to pray for all of you. Emily Gersbeck’s Family (UNH)


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