shades of grey, part 2

Soren had his follow-up scan yesterday, as many of you know. We appreciate how intently many of you are following his progress and have been awaiting news.

We remain, officially, in a holding pattern as the details of the scan are being considered by the team, and we’ll know more later next week. The news appears to be good:  the overall picture of his liver was improved, with no new spots anywhere.  However, some remain. A biopsy remains part of the conversation, although these are often negative or inconclusive. So there’s a reasonable possibility that we are done for now, save for frequent monitoring.

As parents, learning to live with the uncertainty of remission is one of the greatest challenges. We have to reorient ourselves to the conviction of hope. Unfortunately, guidelines for this process are one of the few things missing from the thick reference binder provided by Dana-Farber.

Most importantly, Soren is doing great even as he recovers from his last cycle. This week at swim practice, Soren’s group was doing underwater kicking drills with fins. We couldn’t believe as he did repeat after repeat of nearly 20 yards underwater, enjoying each one. All with barely more than half of his red blood cells! We are so proud.

shades of grey, part 2

4 thoughts on “shades of grey, part 2

  1. Courtney Cooper says:

    Proud, as you should be! He is an amazing little boy with an energy that I envy these days :). My best wishes are with all of you as you work through this waiting game. It’s been so nice seeing Soren bounce around B.A. – and was so special to have a morning visit from Harlen and Mom :). Hang in there, Coopers! This Cooper family is rooting for you!


  2. Allen Layne says:

    Great to hear he’s doing so well. The uncertainty and not having definitive answers sucks, I can definitely tell you that. Just keep focusing on all the good things they do. I’m sure there are plenty of them! Stay positive!


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