home stretch

Like any great competitor (yes, as proud dad I can say this), Soren is finishing this last of the planned cycles strong. Even I, who has grown accustomed to Soren’s ability to duck many of the side effects that are ever-present here on the pediatric oncology wing at Boston Children’s, am amazed. By sticking to a regular regimen of anti-nausea meds and keeping Soren active, he has generally been in great form. Hall-ball, Wii baseball and Mario Kart, math, writing and reading exercises, art, legos: he is exactly what you’d hope from a 6-yr old cooped up in a hospital.

Below, a portfolio of the last several days with a bit of commentary. Thank you to all for your concern and support.

a rough snapshot of the first treatment. note the chartreuse color on the one line

After a few up-and-down days over the weekend for Soren, the whole family came down to visit and share the day, plus a bonus visit from buddy Jos:

Captain Underpants for Soren, green popsicle for Harlan. Good times!

Soren continued his Lego creativity and was happy to entertain the staff:

I remain Stash-Tastic!

Today, we had a huge day working on our vehicle assignment for the 1st grade class at Berwick. We won’t share Soren’s work just yet, but it inspired all of us here. Let’s just say it’s amazing what you can do with medical supplies when you’re feeling craft-y.

Still, we won’t presume that we’re out of the woods. Tomorrow is another spinal procedure, which often brings challenges. And we will hope that the lingering abnormalities aren’t the match of the rest of super-Soren, but rather weakened mutants of his irrepressible self. So we hope for HOME tomorrow evening, and then another fateful scan the following week.


home stretch

3 thoughts on “home stretch

  1. Joanne says:

    Don’t underestimate the value of the super-cheerleader! You are an amazing Dad, family. Soren is a lucky boy despite his challenges. The Cooper’s ROCK!


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