robot part on the fritz

After too many blood draws to count, and on the day when Soren actually reminded us to apply his lidocaine cream 45 minutes early, Soren’s “robot part” (his name for his access port in his chest) prevented a good sample. Of course: to remind, his white count dictates whether we resume chemo tomorrow or wait still longer.

So we’ll head down to Children’s tomorrow and cross our fingers that the team can reboot the robot part, that Soren’s weekend naps and renewed cheer is matched by his blood values, and resume the good fight.

(and maybe a solo room or great roommate? please?)

Whoop ’em Buckeye style (for Bubba) on Apple Harvest Day
robot part on the fritz

One thought on “robot part on the fritz

  1. Loren says:

    I am sorry Soren’s numbers aren’t where they need to be for this round of treatment. Sending healing energy and strength to all of you.


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