This is just a quick update because it seems that our last post on Thursday evening didn’t make it to many email subscribers.

The latest: Soren made it to school yesterday and to soccer this morning, both of which are simply remarkable given that he’s carrying only about half as many red blood cells as normal. I’m pretty sure most of us would be laid flat. He might have run fewer counterattacks, but he still scored a few and helped his team do well. It is affecting his mood and challenging us as parents a bit.

Unfortunately, the uncertainty of his treatment plan remains. His oncology team is indeed encouraged by the response and by the normal PET scan, and the CT scan shows vast reduction. However, several small spots in his liver remain on CT, which could mean that next week they a) stay the course for 1 more cycle of “consolidation,” b) biopsy and then decide, or c) decide to switch him to a much longer course of treatment. We emphasize that his team remains very optimistic for a complete remission, but the uncertainty of what will happen in the next days, weeks, and months is honestly much more challenging than the previous several weeks, when the schedule was largely known. We do know we’ll be headed back down on Thursday 10/3 latest.

I want to offer huge thanks to the enthusiasm for tomorrow’s PMC kids ride in New Castle, not just for team “Soarin’ for Soren” but also importantly for “E Team” for Ethan Hawes, who began his fight against multiple myeloma at the same time as us. This is a great event and cause; we’ll do our best to attend. Soren audaciously said he could ride the full 17 miles this morning; although I don’t doubt him, I think his team at Dana Farber might object.

Another giant THANK YOU to the donors from Thursday’s Berwick Bulldog Golf Classic, whose donations were entirely unexpected.

And finally, feel free to share this with others that you know want information; avoiding the retelling is helpful. Thank you for your understanding.


2 thoughts on “update

  1. Mary Smith says:

    As it was with us, with the medical crises we have weathered, so much good comes with the journey. Life takes on a different hue an almost brighter one although anxiety bubbles over at times. I have to agree with the marathon analogy or even more so the ironman one. There are transitions, there are lows and making it the next mile is a victory in and of itself.


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