not my best day

“Not my best day,” said Soren this afternoon. He is pretty run down after continuous chemotherapy since Thursday. He has picked at his meals for the last few days (except for pancakes this morning, which he devoured after no dinner the night previously) and has had to work hard to be social and active at much.

There were a few notable exceptions: a battle royale of Mario Kart with buddy and former roommate Jacob (age 10), some excellent math homework that he showed off during morning rounds (thanks Berwick buddies!), and some pillowcase sewing with some great volunteers.

Yet I was nearly brought to tears with pride by the number of very kind complements other grown-ups (nurses, doctors, volunteers) gave him today. “Doing so well!” (many times over), “So polite and grown up!  I can’t believe he’s only 6 the way he speaks.” “So funny, what a joker!”  That’s our boy!

Like parents of any 6-year-old, however, we do get the private challenge of a new reservoir of will to be testing and challenging. Even under the weather, Soren is a skilled negotiator.

Tonight, the chemo drip ended, and he’s now enjoying a night of rest (we hope) before another intrathecal chemo treatment. If he recovers well, we might go home tomorrow night, which we (especially Harlan) would all love.  Our major scan, scheduled originally for tomorrow, was postponed for next week’s clinic visit, which is just as well. We’ll all have been challenged enough by week’s end.

Still rocking his Billy Idol hair, the envy of the pediatric oncology floor


not my best day

4 thoughts on “not my best day

  1. Jen Miklavcic says:

    Thanks Vaughn for the updates. He sounds like an amazing trooper. I can only imagine the challenges that Soren is going through but as parents it must be as difficult in different ways. You and Erika, as difficult as it must remember to rest, breathe and try to do what helps you to remain sane. As you so put it, so wisely, Soren is a skilled negotiator=) I can’t imagine where in the world he ever got that from!?! Who would ever think that genes like that are passed along? Sending you warm thoughts, hugs and prayers for excellent results.


  2. Rich & Madeleine says:

    We hope that the weekend and week ahead bring all of you some quality time to recuperate and enjoy family and friends. With all best wishes – Rich & Madeleine


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