worth sharing

A little news and a few great photos:

-As some of have you have seen in person, Soren is doing very well. He was so proud to have outrun his dad uphill at yesterday’s triathlon, and swum like a fish at the Million Meters benefit. It’s remarkable because last week he really was quite sick from the chemotherapy, but we keep saying, children are amazing.

-Soren is enjoying school M-W of this coming week before beginning another seven days of inpatient chemotherapy at Boston Children’s on Thursday. This involves new medications and two more of the spinal taps (with chemo) that he’s been enduring in past cycles. At the conclusion of this cycle, he will have an important scan — his first in six weeks — that looms large.

-Erika and I both remarked that the benefit yesterday felt like our wedding reception: so many dear friends and so little time to share with any of you.  I’ll try to post some more information — a FAQ — tomorrow, but other thoughts and emotions will take a little more time.

We remain overwhelmed and are more inspired than ever.

a few meters of our own

The fearless leaders of One Million Meters


worth sharing

One thought on “worth sharing

  1. Julia Rodriguez says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you still would like people to drop off some food or treats. And if so, where/when would be a good time.

    Also, do you still need recommendations for educational apps? I know who to ask.

    BTW this is Alja’s mom.

    Hang in there.



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