ONE MILLION METERS PLUS (1,020,683 and counting!)

(and an incredible sum of fundraising)

It’s safe to say that Erika and I thought that today’s One Million Meters for Soren benefit was going to be big, but we didn’t have any idea it would be SO BIG. There is a long list of individuals and groups whom we wish to thank, and we’ll get there, but a few key thanks to start.

Jenny Priester and Nicole Benson, who dreamt of this big goal and event and made it a reality
Great Bay Masters, aquatic lifers like us (119,000m, not bad for us old folks)
Growing Places, our school and family
The Seacoast, UNH, UNE, Exeter, Phillips Exeter, Otters, and Berwick swim and polo teams
The UNH Campus Rec community
Berwick Academy teachers, students, and leadership
The cancer community we didn’t know existed until recently
Nature’s Way Market, for nourishing a lot of hungry swimmers
Our family and dear friends, and many others we will remember

More generally, we are so proud to be part of an aquatics community that is so generous, sincere, and committed. This event will clearly allow us to pay all of your good will forward.

We are sad we missed our chance to speak to so many of you individually, but we’ll connect as soon as we can.

Today was a day probably better served by pictures, but we were too busy soaking up the incredible experiences for photography. Please send some to post!


P.S. Those of you who got back into the water for the first time in a long time, just on our account, really touched us. We hope you keep swimming.


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