all smiles

By all accounts, today Soren “was his usual self. Energetic. Just normal.” Which is just awesome. I could hear the joy from his oncologist over the phone. Below is a quick transcript of events.

Dad:  Quick picture before we head in!

Mom: How was your first day of first grade?

Soren: great.

Dad: What did you learn?

Soren: Dad! Let me go play soccer!

PS: Thanks to all for such warmth and support!

all smiles

9 thoughts on “all smiles

  1. Sarah Downey says:

    Yay Soren!!! So glad all went well and you were able to spend a great day in first grade, and tell your mom…”I can hang my own backpack up!” heartwarming to see you and Harlan on deck. Hope he can find good use for that silly keyboard brush!


  2. Deb and Denny says:

    Priceless photos…!
    Super Soren,our favorite Spartan,soars on day one of first grade right along with his family support team!
    Love, Denny and Deb


  3. Jess says:

    Glad that Soren had a good first day of school and a few fun days at home. When are you back in Boston? Maybe another quick visit or a drop off of food from local farmers market? Any requests 🙂


  4. Chris Waters says:

    So great Vaughn and happy that Soren had a great first day of school! My 1st grade boy is exactly the same-one word descriptions of school seem to be sufficient.


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