still home

…but not a quiet home!

We are thrilled to have avoided a return trip to Boston Children’s this past Labor Day weekend. We honestly had little hope for this weekend given how Soren’s health took a nosedive during the last cycle.  Although the first few days after his chemo were brutal, he slept it off like a champion.

Our highlights include:

  • two super play dates with good buddies
  • successful assembly, with less than a dozen age-appropriate fits, of a Lego X-Wing starfighter (which, Star Wars fans, is as awesome as you think it is)
  • two yummy home-cooked BBQ dinners accompanied by fresh produce from some of you
  • an actual time-out for ordinary bad behavior, because it wasn’t related to Soren being sick, but rather being a testing 6-yr-old
  • no yucky, painful mouth sores
  • a bike ride / jog with dad and some pool play
  • the # of pills per day declining from ~15 to ~5 over the past week.
One bummer is that Erika didn’t get to do what she REALLY wanted, which was back-to-school shopping with Soren. Paranoid Vaughn disallowed this to avoid the contagion of Labor Day malls. But maybe this weekend…
So what we’re now looking forward to is Soren heading back to school tomorrow (Wednesday)!  WOW. To think that late last week he could barely get out of bed, and now he’s “good to go,” according to his oncologist, is amazing. We’ll head back to the clinic on Thursday, and then school (and the all-important ice cream social) on Friday.  If he keeps this up, those of you looking forward to the “Million Meters” swim benefit this weekend will wonder where the sick kid is.
Speaking as the worried parents that you know we are, we keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, and probably will remain so for the next several months even when he’s not on chemo or even tentatively looking good. Enough time has now passed that we can rationalize the events of the first few weeks, and these are vivid, scary events that distract us during the daytime and keep us awake at night. But we couldn’t be happier that Soren is just like any other 1st grader: amazingly resilient and growing at warp speed.  We’ll just do our best to follow his lead.

P.S. A final quick note to all of our former water polo (UM and MSU) teammates: you are all amazing. The last 10 years have obviously muted the challenges of playing for/with Coaches Cooper and turned our better days into even rosier memories. Thankful doesn’t cut it: we hope our boys Soren and Harlan get a chance to learn about water polo and life from you as well.

still home

7 thoughts on “still home

  1. Robin says:

    So happy to hear that Soren is responding so well. I love that he is getting to go to school tomorrow. That’s awesome! Your family is always in my thoughts.


  2. Laurie Sallows says:

    So glad to hear he will be heading back to school! I bet he is exicited! Still sending prayers! Have a great day in 1st Grade Soren!


  3. Amy Schneider says:

    How wonderful that Soren will be present for the first day of school! I know that BA community, especially his classmates, are eager to see him and do what kids do best – live in the moment and play.
    PS – Pls tell Erika that on-line shopping with your kids really works well…..with three girls we are avoiding the mall scene as long as we can!


  4. Bevlauer says:

    So GLAD to hear Soren is doing well. Amazing he will start school today ! He’s often on my heart for prayer and I will continue to keep him there.


  5. Rachel Neild says:

    If there is anything you guys need let us know. Ice cream, lasagna, a dog watcher, anything. We can help. He is quite an amazing young man and I hope the 1st day of school went swimmingly!


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