cautiously optimistic

After our roughest few days and a lot of sleeping (for Soren, not parents), we are so thrilled that Soren has had two good painless days at home. No tears, some decent playtime outside, good eating, and a killer new X-wing Lego set from Bubba (Eric). He hardly batted an eye at his procession of pills, and even told Dad that he did a good job on his injection. (This injection, by the way, rebuilds his white blood cell count, is astonishingly expensive, quite effective, and (yes!) covered by insurance. Thank you Amgen.)

In general, we are hesitant to be too hopeful. This is the terrain of cancer. But I can’t help but share that his throat looks great (just a tiny mark from his biopsy) and his abdomen is not just skinnier from less eating but from no obvious lumps. Of course we had no idea previously, but hindsight is 20/20. So it’s safe to say he’s responding even as the treatment challenges us.

More thoughts tomorrow (and yearning for his temp to remain < 38.0 C). For now, a couple pictures below show how Soren might just add a few meters of his own for next weekend’s One Million Meters benefit, which we would love to use for the general cause for kids who are facing these journeys.

getting ready for his first dip in a while

swimming backstroke for Coach Erika