mood lighting

Happy to be home, but life is quiet and dimly lit. This sums up our first couple days at home. Soren is enduring some crushing headaches and more nausea this cycle, which added to his list of pills. (Filling out the medication list for back-to-school forms is almost comical.) He’s thus been sleeping more than ever before and lying low, which his doctors think is for the best as he recovers.

Amazingly, we are hopeful that he might go to school next week. How cool?!

All hasn’t been gloom-and-doom. When cousin Ayla and Harlan returned from vacation today, he bounced off the couch and headed upstairs to play with them. After a while, the warriors emerged:

The pirate look serves almost-bald Soren well.

After playtime, Soren and Harlan conned Bubba to take them for another round of putt-putt golf. This is a good substitute for the batting cages these days. We are still DIGGING our new baseballs!

A brief but deeply heartfelt (belly-felt?) thanks to our incredible foodie friends who have fed us incredibly well recently. On these tough days, great meals really help.

mood lighting

4 thoughts on “mood lighting

  1. Rachael Holt says:

    Wow! School next week?!? That sounds really positive! Soren is amazing. Thinking of you every day and open your posts as soon as they show up! Thank you for taking the time to keep up the blog. Although I would much rather be there in person, it is so great to be able to take part in Soren’s journey from Michigan through your words and pictures. Love you and miss you all! Rachael


  2. Laurrie Anne says:

    Hi Soren,
    I would like to send you cards. I just returned from Hawaii so haven’t had a chance to do it before now. I’m glad you are doing as well as you are. You are a fighter, and sometimes life is about fighting.
    I will get the first card to your dad through UNH campus mail. I hope you like it.
    You look fantastic as a pirate. Baldness suits you but you also look great with hair. Keep smiling.

    Laurrie Anne


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