Treatment is like an athletic season

On the drive home from Boston tonight, with Soren lying prone in the back with a headache, it occurred to me that cancer treatment has a similar rhythm to an athletic season. Given how many of you know long, exhausting athletic seasons very well, I thought you might appreciate this.

Let’s agree that the polarity of the emotions are usually opposite. Diagnosis is poignant and excruciating, but fueled by adrenaline.  The first week of training is also painful (in a good way), and also stoked by excitement.

After a few weeks you find a routine. This meal, snack, medicine, nurse, or incentive works, others not as well. Likewise, different teammates and drills are more preferable than others.

You might then have a few meaningful tests that give mixed feedback. Early season games or meets serve the same purpose.

And then, to build towards you goal, you double down, and your routine gets really hard. Everyone is tired, your little guy hurts a lot more than you’d ever want, and the parents also show some signs of wear and tear.  Swimmers: think of your second week of double workouts, when every muscle aches and you are doing your best to tolerate your teammates.

This is where we are. We are looking very much towards taper, but the season is still long and we have a ways to go. This is why your gestures, subtle or grand, are so helpful. They are the care packages in mid-January when you can’t stand another dorm meal.

"Cucumber headphones"
Creative use of yummy produce from our friends

PS: You got the main message, right? Soren is home for at least a few days, which is wonderful!


Treatment is like an athletic season

2 thoughts on “Treatment is like an athletic season

  1. Rich & Madeleine L. says:

    Wonderful perspective. It surely helps that you and Erika have “been there, done that” in the context of sports. Wishing you all the best in this ultra-endurance event.


  2. Jacqui Hoffman says:

    All of you are the strongest Athletes I know, mentally and physically. It will be hard to keep your “game face” on everyday but that is why you have your family and friends. They are there to help cheer you on and reach your goal. Thinking and praying for you always.


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