Six or sick?

This question has been in our mind a lot lately.  It’s easy to chalk up erratic or mis-behavior by Soren as being an expected side effect of cooping up one of the most active, energetic 6-yr-old boys you’ll meet in a hospital room for many hours.

Unfortunately, we keep re-learning the same lesson. Soren is very tough, so when his behavior is off, it’s because he’s not feeling well. He’s been dealing with a fair bit more nausea this round and a nasty headache likely caused by his intrathecal (spinal) treatments.  We’re using some of the tricks and advice you’ve provided and are using the many gift cards to buy comfort foods to make him happy.

In spite of this, we are hopeful that Soren might make it home tomorrow (Tuesday 8-27) night if all goes well, for at least a few days if his white blood cells and ability to fight infection cooperate.

Little brother Harlan is off to Nantucket for a couple days with Aunt Nicole, cousin Ayla, and Vaughn’s grandparents. This was a trip we’d all hoped to make, but we hope that he has enough fun for all of us. We’ll miss “Happy Harlan” a lot.

As always, thanks for your support!

Six or sick?

One thought on “Six or sick?

  1. Mary Smith says:

    This can’t be easy for you. Hope you make it home for some respite. I am sure Soren misses home despite all of the attention etc. Kids kind of like simple stuff as you know.


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