As Soren began another heavy cycle of chemotherapy today, we are compelled to start a list of the new things and experiences for which we are thankful.

  1. We’ll start with a definition. Soren now understands “chemotherapy” as “chemicals that make you get better.”  What a blessing that such tortured words can become so simple and detoxified by wide-eyed 6-year olds.
  2. The magic of our baseball, Jimmy Fund, and treatment communities. Someone found out that Soren’s favorite player was the center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury, because Soren fancies himself a CF (even though coach Mom wants him on the corners or the mound). Soren was over the moon when a surprise package arrived from Yawkey Way with an Ellsbury-autographed baseball, along with plenty of other cool stuff. Another package with an autographed Daniel Nava picture then came, with a sample of Fenway dirt. Soren is one happy little ballplayer, made even happier by…
    (pictures and more to come)
  3. ..our family of former teammates, back when we (Mom and Dad) were coaching collegiate water polo. Soren now has a growing series of official baseballs from major league teams sent by U of Michigan Water Polo alumni, along with notes that made Soren laugh and mom and dad cry. Not to forget countless incredibly thoughtful gestures from the Michigan State women’s water polo team that meant the world to us for many years.
    (more pictures to come)
  4. The resiliency of children, with the example of Soren’s toughest day being followed 48 hours later with a happy, healthy day of outdoor play (and then later fishing, and swimming, and nerf fights, and a trip to Water Country …)
  5. How childhood cancer is galvanizing. We are in awe to have been welcomed into the communities of the Childhood Cancer Lifeline, Partners in Health NH, and a growing number of support organizations.
  6. Our friends at Growing Places, UNH, and the aquatics and multisport communities, and everything you have done; this list is immense.
  7. Our complete confidence, and most of all Soren’s confidence, that he is being treated at the greatest place for pediatric cancer in the world. This is one of those magical places where every doctor, nurse, and caregiver is awesome.

We’re truthfully almost as anxious as we were at the start, knowing that Soren’s counts start lower than they were at the outset and he’s facing plenty of challenges. As always, one day at a time. A final thanks to those of you who are sharing your harvests with us: fresh produce makes us all especially happy. If any blueberries remain out there, Soren just asked for a pint for his room…



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