I hope you all had as beautiful a weekend as we did. We learned that thinning hair is solved by a hat, anemia solved by rests, and parent worries solved by keeping busy. We hope to keep enjoying the next few days to our fullest before the next rigorous cycle resumes this Thursday, back in Boston.


3 thoughts on “opportunities

  1. Liam Quinn says:

    Dear Soren,

    I hope you visit the hospital only for treatments. I hope you feel better soon. I hope you can make it to school!

    From, Liam (age 6)


  2. Kelly Wiilliams says:

    Hi Soren!
    I’m sending you lots of love, luck, and laughs! Hope you enjoyed your day at Water Country. I’m looking forward to having a visit with you and your family some time soon. You can email me or write me a letter anytime!
    P.S. I can’t believe how big Harlan has gotten!!
    High five Buddy!
    ~Ms. William


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