We had been told that we should anticipate a range of side effects following chemotherapy, and given how well Soren fared during his stay in the hospital we were hopeful that he’d duck them. Unfortunately, these time-tested drugs do work as promised, making him one uncomfortable boy for a few days. But with great care from his team and his own strength, Soren’s white blood cell counts rebounded exponentially (so quickly that we can stop some of our medicines early), and we were able to come home tonight!

We broke up the malaise of meds and poor sleeping with some great games and competitive paper-airplane-flying. I was happy that Soren’s play made other boys and girls who couldn’t be so mobile smile.

The new cards, thoughts and gifts at home upon our return leave us nearly speechless. Thank you!



4 thoughts on “rebound!

  1. Jennifer Hedges says:

    Hello and best wishes to you all. I am Soren’s new 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Hedges. Please tell Soren that I can’t wait to meet him and have him be a part of our classroom. We will be learning about maps, marsupials, the continents, and lots of other fun things this year. He’ll also have plenty of time to see friends and build with legos! Let him know I am thinking of him and keeping him in my prayers.


  2. Courtney Cooper says:

    Hi Soren & Family!! I am thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers each day. Soren, stay strong and keep up this amazing fight and strength you’re showing. I can’t wait to see you in school! Thanks for updating this blog so that we can all keep tabs on your progress. I especially love the pictures and your sweet, happy smile! Also – I love your yellow paper airplane. I know that must be your favorite!! :). My very best wishes to all of you!


  3. Kelly Wiilliams says:

    Hi Soren and family,
    I am so glad to see that toothless smile on your face! I have been thinking of you and your family often and am so glad to be reading about you and your strength! I am hopeful that I will be seeing you soon whenever and wherever would be best for you and your family! Please email me with a plan that would work. I’m thinking that we can certainly call you STRONG Soren!! Sending you lots of love, happy thoughts, and healthy wishes!


  4. Kelly Wiilliams says:

    Hi Soren,
    I see that you have been doing some drawing! I hope that you will be collecting all of your work together and making a book to share with your friends. Please know that we are all so proud of your strength and courage! Stay strong Soren! Tons of hugs and high fives to you buddy!!


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