Cancer has a way of redefining your vocabulary. The nadir is no longer just an emotional or motivational low, it’s the period when white blood cells reach their minimum. In Soren’s case, he’s only reached his current immunological low (we hope), but the accompanying fever and lack of appetite has made him pretty droopy. Consequently he’s at Boston Children’s for the next few days on preventative IV antibiotics until his temperature and blood counts return to normal.

There were some high points: a trip in the ambulance and some pretty amusing new games from our friends. Big smiles right now for Unhinged, Spartan-opoly, and on the iPad “Cut the Rope” in which you feed a little monster called “Om-Nom.”

Soren getting ready for the ride with Stripe, Flash (tigers), iPad, and Momma.


6 thoughts on “nadir

  1. Rich and Madeleine says:

    Stay strong, all of you.

    The nadir is rough, and the climb is tough, but you’ve got enough … strength, friends, and doctors!!!


  2. Flora says:

    Stay strong Cooper family. I think of you often, and know it’s such a strain for everyone involved. Sending good thoughts your way!


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