One of the most incredible things about young children like Soren is that they don’t much linger or reflect, asking “Why did this happen to me?” Instead they see a bunch of other kids hooked up to IVs, some with masks and/or patchy hair, and they think, “why did they get the Wii instead of me?”

We should all take a lesson from that.

Soren continues to do very well, having much of his chemo overnight (with regular IV changes and beeps that waken parents more than him) combined with anti-nausea drugs. Fortunately, he has woken with a healthy appetite for food and distraction each day. He is consuming your gifts (legos, puzzles, games, etc) ravenously. We parents are grateful for the respites they provide. Soren is also very proud of his new pill-taking proficiency, earning several stars per day for new prizes.

Erika and I handed off today not at BCH but in Durham, where dear Harlan got 90 minutes of time with both parents. He was positively giddy. This was possible from an afternoon of creative play with our first and favorite (sorry to others) sitter, Caitlyn, who led a rousing game of Spartan-opoly (Monopoly at Michigan State). I think the kids took Caitlyn to the cleaners.

We are so thrilled by all of the yummy healthy snacks and meals you’ve been sending or enabling. Soren was a showoff today, proclaiming that his favorite food was not pizza but trout, as he devoured another pint of blueberries. The trout order left his medical caregivers puzzled, wondering when I was headed off to fish the local streams.

We continue to keep fingers crossed for a visit home by Thu or Fri after another spinal treatment Wed. He’s doing so well that a visitor might be welcome in the next couple of days.

“That’s Soren’s room,” says Harlan

2 thoughts on “routine

  1. Melanie says:

    Dear Soren,
    I hope you get to come home soon. I miss playing with you at the pool. My mom told me you are playing Mario Kart on the Wii. That’s my favorite game!
    Your friend,


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