beyond expectations


beyond expectations

3 thoughts on “beyond expectations

  1. Rich & Madeleine says:

    Dear Soren,

    We’re so glad you’re a strong and spunky kid, very much like your Mom and Dad — we know them well from their time in East Lansing. And even though it’s no fun being sick, it’s really good that you’re able to have fun playing games with friends and family!

    We’ll be following your website and hope you’ll feel all better soon. With love,
    Rich and Madeleine


  2. Deb B says:

    From the Wish List:
    For Soren if you are interested.
    This iPad educational app is rated in top 25 and its title is:
    Ultimate Dinopedia: The Most Complete Dinosaur Reference ever.
    If Soren wants a different app let us know.
    Lots of Love from
    MSU Denny and Deb


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