Good scan, more pizza

This pretty much sums it up.

Soren had to wait until 3pm yesterday before eating anything, which is brutal for any 6yr old, but even more so for a confined boy with a steroid-enhanced appetite. However, he was distracted by friend Eliza, then post-scan enjoyed a big Subway late-lunch. Then, a few of his closest Growing Places teachers arrived to visit, and Soren got released for 2h again! With the chance to venture out with Erika and happy teachers, where did Soren want to go? Of course, back to Penguin pizza (pepperoni this time, 4 pieces!) and JP ice cream. Creature of habit, just like Momma.

The scan: Soren responded well to the first week of treatment based on results from the first scan, which showed more than expected reductions in nearly all tumors. We are guardedly optimistic. They will start the heavy stuff this afternoon, and if all goes perfectly (it probably won’t) he could be home as early as Thursday.

We are overwhelmed by your well wishes and countless gestures.

PS: I got out for a bike ride (therapy) and rode by a fishing hole of Soren’s and mine. Can’t wait to get back

Good scan, more pizza

2 thoughts on “Good scan, more pizza

  1. Kelly Anderson says:

    Dear Soren, Vaughn, and Erika, I am so very sorry to hear the newa about Soren. I’ve talked with you on the pool deck of the Dover Pool and watched Soren in his pre-team program with my daughter. He is an amazing little swimmer! Sending you all prayers and positive thoughts at this difficult time. From the Seacoast Swimming Family.


  2. Dennis Mathews says:

    Dear Vaughn and Erika, I first heard of Soren’s diagnosis this past Sunday while attending the morning service at Durham Community Church. During our time for sharing joys and concerns someone whom I didn’t recognize described Soren’s diagnosis and invited thoughts and prayers. I can assure you that we are prayerfully responding to that invitation. If you can think of any way that I could be helpful to either of you at Rudman or elsewhere please let me know. Dennis


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